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5cb40adee0bb490a4dc2f3a8a2aaa79a f112When Sarah and Tom Pietrzak bought their deco-inspired home five years ago, they knew it was full of possibilities.

"It was an old-fashioned family home and it was quite dark but we could see the potential as it had these beautiful cornices and it had some really nice features as well," Mrs Pietrzak said Four years on, with her three children a little older, she said the idea of making some changes was appealing.

Although the couple initially planned to replace just the kitchen cabinetry, they ended up renovating so extensively that the kitchen was moved to an entirely new location in the home.

"The kitchen renovation became the big job as it involved knocking out two rooms," Mrs Pietrzak said.

"Once we decided we were going to do that it seemed a natural thing that we would also do the master bedroom and the bathroom and it literally mushroomed from there. We realised we needed to paint the whole house and if we were doing the inside we may as well paint the outside.

"That actually became an overriding feature in that it all had to work. There was no point having a fantastic kitchen if the rest of the house looked like it belonged to the 1960s.

"We really wanted to create a family entertaining area. For me, it's about having family and friends here."

The brief to Felicia Olsen, of Felicia for Lifestyle Design, was for a kitchen that was anything but ordinary and this request was certainly achieved, with the renovation nominated in the 2011 HIA-The Laminex Group Kitchen & Bathroom Awards.

"I didn't want it to be just a stereotypical kitchen. I wanted it to have some really unique features which is why working with Felicia was really, really good as she was able to push us in directions we probably wouldn't have thought about going," Mrs Pietrzak said.

Highlights of the space include a dramatic black-and-white laser-cut brushed-finish aluminium panel underneath the breakfast bar and a pair of striking wire pendant lights above it, which Ms Olsen said were her interpretation of "modern deco".

"This client, among other things, asked for an award-winning kitchen," Ms Olsen said.

"After addressing the wants and needs and (the) best layout, I set about choosing finishes to meet the client's aesthetic vision. I always push clients' boundaries as this is when the best outcome is achieved.

"To this end, I introduced the decorative front panel and hanging pendant lamps."

Other nods to deco style include the cornices around the bulkhead, which were matched to those in the family room

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