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Be Bold

735a15fcb28b73ba8ac4c565d8b1efe6 f113At a time when the world is not bursting at the seams with good news, interior designer Felicia Olsen says people are responding by turning to their homes for that sense of security and shelter, creating haven in which to relax. Alongside the plethora of lifestyle and home renovation shows, people are spending time and money creating unique expressions of their character with their properties. Ms Olsen's motto is "creating your vision" rather than an extension of her preferences.

She has an advanced diploma in interior design but began her career in the fashion industry in Singapore, before moving to Perth with her Norwegian husband.

She says her eye for texture, colour and aesthetics was refined working in fashion and it is something she has carried over into interior design. Her consultancy services include pre-start design, finishes selections, window treatment design, selection and sourcing, furniture and accessory sourcing and selection, property makeovers, colour consultancy, renovation design and management plus kitchen and bathroom design. When furnishing, renovating or redesigning, always keep in mind proportion, balance and scale, Ms Olsen says. Use a focal point to draw the eye to an area. Make a statement from the entrance because it will immediately excite the visual senses and set the scene.

She says a good interior designer works to meet a client's budget and makes sure everything works and flows well together. While it is not always easy, she says the interior designer needs to listen, look and interpret the client's needs and wants into the design outcome.

Ms Olsen says clients are often confused about what they want their house to say or are just following the latest trends, thinking that's what they want, rather than listening to their heart. It is important to make sure your lifestyle needs are catered for with your design and furniture. Ms Olsen suggests when moving into a new house – newly built or new to you – it is worth moving in first with minimal possessions to see how you use the house. For examples, be mindful of what spaces need furniture, where you hang out the most or if the room intended to be a dining room really works better as a family room.

Drawing up a plan, even if you can't execute it all right away, will help make sure that as you buy furniture, fittings and accessories, they continue the theme and don't end up not working together. A consulting designer to Home Base Expo, Ms Olsen is designing her new family home, which centers around solar efficiency and sustainability.

Tips from the Designer

Minimalist Look

  • Clean and uncluttered design elements such as furniture
  • Keep furniture low
  • Light Walls
  • Add texture to soften and create interest
  • Bolf printd on the wall add the wow factor
  • Lots of storage to keep things in place.

Beach House

  • Casual, relaxed air is the big thing for this look
  • Washed or light timbers to create a sun-bleached look
  • Mini-ord or steel/li>
  • Roller blinds on windows
  • Light walls and introduce colours of the sea in accessories or feature walls.
  • Accessories that remind us of the beach.

New Glamorous Interiors

  • Updated classic look mixed with modern chic
  • Play with pattern using wallpaper or pretty, luxurious fabrics
  • Using textures, patterns and colours
  • Contrast textures - for example, smooth and glossy with matte texture
  • Look for "new" (tomorrow's) antiques to collect
  • Pendant light or chandeliers are a must

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